Late 1960s/Early 1970s Teradata vision is born based on prior work at SDS (later Xerox), TTI (Citibank subsidiary), and research at Caltech - by Jack Shemer and Phil Neches
Open System Interconnect & Client Server
Teradata formed July 13, 1979Founders invested $25K
1979 - 1980
Used personal credit cards to further support business
Early 1980 8 employees began working full time above Jack’s converted garage in Brentwood, CA - “Oceano Tower”
Original Teradata founders:
  • David Hartke - Hardware Design Manager
  • Jerry Modes - VP Finance & Administration

1980 Raised $150 seed money from lead investor (Brentwood Association) Raised $2.6M in VC funding
Late 1980 Teradata began staffing for Ynet prototype; moved into first office in West L.A.
Established Partner Program to obtain first-hand feedback and suggestions from potential users
1981 Raised $12M in 2nd round of financing Filed key patent application (over 200 claims) Demonstrated Y-net interconnectivity Began staffing R&D
Hired employee #19 – Alan Chow
1982 Raised $12M in 3rd round of financing Hired R. Carroll Reed, VP for Product Development

First system included key architectural components still in use today: parallel architecture with automatic hashed data placement and self-managing file system View from early Teradata office in Inglewood, CA
1983 IBM released DB2, validating relational approach The first (beta) data warehouse appliance DBC/1012 Model 1 shipped to Wells Fargo
1st major Teradata release Raised $15M in 4th round of financing, with Citicorp contributing $5M Launched first Road Show for Fortune 100 companies
1984 $296K Revenue 1st major Teradata release Alpha machine DBC/1012 is retired
1985 $2.8M Revenue 100 GB System Teradata processed 2.7X faster than IBM DB2 in customer benchmark Achieved Proof of Linearity Hired Ken Simonds – a catalyst for Teradata’s credibility and the creation of a successful sales organization – became President, COO, and Board Member of Teradata
1986 $17.6M Revenue DBC Model 2 Intel 80286 – more than doubled performance AFIPS/Fortune Magazine: Product of the Year Award for DBC/1012 database computer system Citibank’s 128 processor, 70 Gig DBC/1012, system grew to 168 processors in 1987
1986 Teradata achieved first profitable quarter K-Mart, next Big Machine in 252-processor configuration (at 448 disk drives), eclipsed Big Citi at Citibank

$46.8M Revenue Teradata went public with Ken Simonds as CEO Teradata went public, raising ~$40M in working capital
1987 Raised a total of $67M in 6 years from 6 rounds of private placement Dedicated Annual Report to all 410 employees Collectively defined Vision & Values Stock Market Crash
1987 First 500 GB System became operational Teradata listed among the "fastest growing US companies" in 1987 by Electronics Magazine Teradata takes on IBM for future growth at most important customers
DBC Model 3 (Intel 386)
First 700 GB System
1990 Joint venture with NCR The “Laws of Physics” and the “Laws of Economics”
- advances in technology
Intel 386 (1985)
Intel 486 (1989)

Acquisition of NCR by AT&T DBC Model 4 (Intel 486)

NCR vision – leverage Teradata MPP for commodity servers NCR/AT&T partners with other RDBMS providers
1992 Acquisition of Teradata by AT&T/NCR First 1 TB system at Wal-Mart "Diapers and Beer” legend begins
AT&T Executives appointed to run NCR/AT&T "Common Bond” implemented Customer Focused Business Model First 3 TB system at K-Mart
NCR renamed “AT&T Global Information Solutions (GIS)” First 5 TB system “Leader in Commercial Parallel Processing” - Gartner Group
1995 Lars Nyberg appointed President and CEO of AT&T GIS AT&T GIS loses $2.2B in profit on $8B in revenue Ranked “#1 in MPP” by IDC
– IDC.

Acquired Stephen Brobst, Strategic Technologies and Systems (STS) Teradata entered leaders quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant – trailing IBM, Oracle NCR created Teradata Division
2000 World’s largest database at 100+TB at SBC Acquired Ceres (CRM), Stirling Douglas (DCM)
Teradata achieved profitability World’s largest database at 200TB Launched Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
Teradata caught up with Oracle and IBM in Gartner MQ Teradata migrated 120 companies from Oracle
2005 Walmart’s Annual Report cites its 570+ TB EDW; “Strawberry Pop-Tart” legend begins

Teradata became clear leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrant
Teradata went public again 1st Petabyte Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Member of S&P 500 Michael Koehler President and CEO of Teradata
2007 October 1 Teradata Listed on NYSC Market Cap $4.5B 5,800+ employees ~60 countries Leader in Data Warehousing
2008 Increased investments in R&D, consulting, partners, sales & mergers and acquisitions
  • R&D
  • Consulting
  • Partners
  • Sales
  • M&A
Acquired Claraview (BI Consulting) Stock Market Crash … Again
2009 Top 10 Public U.S. Software Company
Acquired xKoto (Teradata Unity) Acquired Kickfire (Performance acceleration) “The 10 Most Strategic IT Vendors” - InformationWeek “Top 100 World’s Most Ethical Companies” - Ethisphere Institute
2011 Acquired Aprimo (Leader in Integrated Marketing Management (IMM)) Acquired Aster Data (Big Data Analytics) “20 for 2015” - Morgan Stanley
2011 Teradata Labs Leadership Team “The Only Stock You Need To Profit From the NEW Technology Revolution” - Motley Fool
2012 Announced 2011 was best year in company history – more revenue growth and new customers Acquistion of eCircle Revenue increases 18% in constant currency Teradata Big Analytics technology received International Business Awards bronze STEVIE for best new product of the year Positive performance trend continues with solid financial results